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A couple of months after releasing its brand-new W810 design, Sony Ericsson supplied it to our workplace. This black double of the popular W800 design includes side and also the primary food selection has actually undertaken mild adjustments. All various other applications have actually stayed unblemished. The brand-new W810 is a lot more concerning shade feelings, sporting activity spirit, and also releasing uniqueness whatsoever prices.

Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810
Sony Ericsson W810 in main photos

Key functions:


  • Fully practical MP3 gamer .
  • Top-quality audio .
  • Very great earphones confined in the retail bundle .
  • Brilliant cam accomplishment. automated emphasis .
  • Great display screen .
  • EDGE Course 10 .
  • Built-in FM radio with RDS .
  • 512 megabytes sd card
    confined in the retail bundle .
  • Hot swap performance .
  • USB billing .
  • Solid building and construction .
  • Fresh redesign of the popular W800

Main disadvantages:


  • Looks a little bit as well plastic .
  • There are no alternate shade

EDGE in black

It did not take much time. In January 2006 Sony Ericsson introduced its brand-new design W810. This black pearl involves please all consumers, for whom the orange-beige Sony Ericsson W800 was simply not what they desired. There is simply one important modification, pertaining to the connection functions of the gadget. All the remainder is basically similar to W800. .

Sony Ericsson has actually been neglecting side for fairly a very long time. They described the lack of this modern technology in its European line of product with the reality that side is not prominent sufficient in Europe. What’s even more, numerous service providers do not also have side assistance in their networks. It appears, nevertheless, that the voices of the SE followers have actually been lastly listened to, due to the fact that, as you can see, Sony Ericsson has actually made a decision to alter its market viewpoint and also has actually carried out side right into all its brand-new versions, incl. W810. .

Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810
Sony Ericsson W810 .

In the summertime of 2005 I was actually delighted with the dynamic vibrant body of Sony Ericsson W800. So when I
initially saw the main pictures of the intended W810
design, I did not like it a lot. Today I am holding this phone in my hands and also I really feel required to admit that there is something unique in it. In truth it looks much much better than on the photos. In this feeling, allow me advise you something right at the beginning of our evaluation: if you are considering purchasing Sony Ericsson W810, however you still have some questions, please, most likely to the local mobile shop and also hold it in your hands. I make sure that when you have actually touched the phone, you will certainly begin to think about it in an instead various and also a lot more favorable means. .

Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810
Held in hand • dimension contrast with a key .

Sony Ericsson W800 Sony Ericsson W800 Sony Ericsson W800 Sony Ericsson W800
Sony Ericsson W800 Sony Ericsson W800 Sony Ericsson W800 Sony Ericsson W800
The leader: Walkman Sony Ericsson W800 .

Sportsman as opposed to an eye-picker

Dimensions have actually
stayed virtually the same. The brand-new design is thinner by 1 mm.
The cam lens installed in the back side of the body is not as bulgy as the one in W800.
It is not secured by a gliding cover, however, which is fairly a pity. Allow’s really hope that outside dust will certainly not have any type of excellent influence on the image high quality. .














Sony Ericsson W800Sony Ericsson W810
Dimensions100 x 46 x 21 mm100 x 46
x 20 mm
Weight99 g99 g

The cam is come with by 2 LEDs, which likewise function as a flashlight.
The LEDs can be turned on from both the cam application and also
the primary food selection. The LEDs can be readied to produce continuous light for one min, or perhaps send SOS signals. They are fairly effective, having the ability to light up a whole living-room. .

Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810
Camera lens and also speaker grill .

The speaker grill lies listed below the cam lens. Audio efficiency does not worsen when the phone pushes level surface area, due to the fact that the audio speaker location on the back cover of the phone is a little increased, avoiding in this manner the audio speaker from obtaining smothered by the underlying surface area. Self-portraits mirror is not silver customarily, however orange which is a truly great option. The Walkman logo design coated in the detachable back cover is fairly appealing. .

Sony Ericsson W810
Walkman logo .

Black style does not capture your eyes in the means W800 did. I myself regard the brand-new W810 as a sporting activity design as opposed to a style fanatic. My impact is possibly brought on by the small orange and also silver components
, coated in the body of the phone, I think. The leading side of the gadget includes the Infrared port and also the primary switch-off switch. On the left side you will certainly see the Sony Walkman logo design, the Play/Pause switch, and also the sd card port secured by a strong rubber cover. To secure the sd card you should open up the security cover and also continue the small plate inside. It is a Memory Stick Pro Duo card with a capability of 512 MEGABYTES, which when it comes to a songs mobile like SE W810 is extra conference requirement than flaunting large high-end. The sd card can be taken out while the phone gets on because it has warm swap performance. .

Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810
All side view .

Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810
Play/Pause switch • Walkman logo design • Flash memory card port cover • Memory Stick Pro Duo

On the appropriate side of the gadget you will certainly discover the quantity control switch and also the cam launch switch. When you take photos at night, the cam releases 3
blue-white signals to reduce individual’s positioning. Under component of the phone there are to be located the microphone and also the Fast-Port adapter. .

Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810
Volume control switch • cam launch switch • W810 base part .

Navigation secret tolerable at all

Alphanumeric secrets function effortlessly. Inputting is a satisfaction. Keys are dispersed uniformly and also the spacing amongst them is rather enough. There are no lavish deflections
or contours. .

Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810
Keypad details

Greatest adjustments are to be located in the style of the practical component of the keypad. The phone has no joystick. Rather, it includes a four-way navigating secret with validating center location. Each means of the navigating secret along with its main component is appointed an unique feature when the songs gamer is running. Those unique features are also engraved on the navigating vital itself -there is the PLAY icon, the onward icon, and so on .

Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810
Flawless alphanumeric keys .

Context secrets and also the C adjustment secret lie in 2 added circles, which balance well with the primary navigating secret. On the sides of the phone you will certainly likewise see a switch supplying straight accessibility to the songs gamer and also a switch for straight accessibility to the Task Food selection. Phone’s sides are bulgy and also a little bit raised, while the above stated practical secrets lie right into their very own grooves. When I saw the very first authorities pictures of Sony Ericsson W810, I did not have also the least suggestion that dealing with it would certainly be so comfy. I value the choice of SE developers to produce a different accessibility secret both for songs gamer and also the Task Food selection. Allow me just advise you that in W800 just the gamer was appointed an unique accessibility switch, while in K750 the blessed application was the Task Food selection. .

Sony Ericsson W810 Sony Ericsson W810
Keypad backlighting

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