Nokia 8800 evaluation – evaluates

Here is the brand-new front runner of Nokia. Exceptional efficiency, top quality dislpay, cam and also matt steel body. It is extravagant and also gorgeous … and also you will certainly need to cleanse it every 5 mins. That will certainly posses it, will certainly be phenomenal. Do you desire it? Road cost of the brand-new Nokia 8800 around 800 euro. .

Key attributes:


  • luxury layout .
  • steel body .
  • fine TFT display screen with 262 thousand colours .
  • exclusive buzzing tones .
  • camera with 800 × 600 resolution .
  • EDGE .
  • Bluetooth

Main disadvantages:


  • high cost .
  • no sd card port .
  • EDGE and also GPRS just Course 8 .
  • no basic system connector

It took Nokia very long time – greater than 2 years – up until they muffled the table in the factory with the indicator “8 Collection”. The 8910i was the last one from the family members of the elite smart phones. On top of that, it was not an entirely brand-new design, yet simply a technology of 8910. None of the stated over is still for sale, while the globe of effective employers in deluxe limos currently requires an additional costly plaything.

Nokia 8910i required a successor .

I am exceptional

The brand-new design 8800 is produced celebs, business people, supervisors, for average individuals with amazing earnings, essentially for all, that mean an excellent design, picture and also strength. The plan itself does not enable you to have questions concerning what is concealed inside – something swank. The black boxboard paper, provided with a metal hold with grinded numbers 8800 on it stimulated shocking in the workplace. .

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To unique phone fits a special packing

There are 2 areas – in the initial one a glossy phone and also an instance, in the 2nd – individual’s handbook, battery, stand, battery charger and also earphones. Done in black and also silver personalities and also information when possible. .

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The road cost for the silver pearl by Nokia is around 800 euro. The expense for the manufacturing of this phenomenal plan is absolutely nothing for such an amount. The cost itself does not appreciate me a lot, due to the fact that in Nokia’s evaluation I will certainly mention the exact same disadvantages as I normally mention in any kind of various other phone’s evaluation. .

Pretty heavy

The newie is rather hefty. There was light weight aluminum; there was titanium, currently it’s time for steel. The entire body is constructed from steel and also the outcome is the impressive 134 grams. Be prepared. The measurements, nonetheless, will certainly compensate you – elevation 107 and also size 45 milimetres is absolutely nothing uncommon. The density, nonetheless which is just 15 mm in the narrowest areas, strikes Motorola Razr V3. The gliding contruction raises the impact of paper monotony. .

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Nokia 8800 in the main pictures

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The brand-new Nokia absolutely does not belong among the fat ones

I am thinking twice whether to value the added weight of 8800 as an unfavorable or a favorable function. There are individuals a minimum of, that require to recognize that they have something in their hands. Beyond, we discuss a phone, which the majority of the moment will certainly relax in the t shirt pockets of several supervisors. Regardless, this is a high-end tax obligation for the made use of deluxe products. .

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The steel sophistication evaluates something … .

A lighter

The phone looks extremely small and also company when shut. The matching is excellent. Soon after the initial get in touch with you’ll uncover among its largest disadvantages – you will certainly do well in leaving your finger prints on the body of the phone. Besides, in the plan there is a black natural leather instance, which has an exceptional cleansing capability. On top of that its opening is rather slim to ensure that every elimination indicates likewise its partial clean-up. In some cases, nonetheless it’s inadequate and also you need to cleanse the bits from your cheeks on your own. .

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Nokia 8800 is a phone with gliding building and also it takes a while for every person, that holds it in his hands for the very first time to understand exactly how the opening system functions. You need to lower the cogged roller, which resembles a scroll switch. In the beginning you will not also consider it. When you overcome the springtime resistance the top component of the phone is currently “flying”. .

When opening up the key-board, you’ll listen to an audio, simply comparable to the one, you recognize from the opening and also closing of Zippo less heavies. Steel is steel. The phone opening device is extremely accurate and also enjoyable; I have actually captured myself opening up and also shutting everything the moment. .

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Cogged roller functions like a prop for fingers when opening up • the building is initial course .

Two batteries in the package

Thanks god we really did not obtain this example of Nokia 8800 like the initial one. Somebody else prior to us clearly had actually puzzled the back cover of the battery with a yoghurt cover and also attempted to “unstick” it. He really did not just make some scrapes on the steel rear of the phone, yet had actually turned the back cover and also could not take care of the timeless launch by the 2 side long switches. .

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In order to get rid of the back cover suffices to press both side lengthy switches novináø) .

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A sight from the back cover .

Behind the cover you’ll discover a battery, specifically produced 8800. It has a BL-5X indicator and also is extremely little. Nevertheless we encounter a reduced capability in contrast with the ones we have actually made use of to. According to the maker 600 mAh suffices for roughly 8 days of stand-by and also approximately 180 mins speak time. In method the steel phone normally sustains brief time. Very little of a trouble, due to the fact that in the plan you’ll discover a 2nd battery of the exact same kind.

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