Nokia 8600 Luna evaluation: Cast in glass

Stainless steel bodywork, smoked glass cover, and also a painful rate, Luna astounds with outside, not objective.

The household of lavish Nokia mobile phones grows. Get ready for steel, glass and also an outrageous rate. Near remarkable efficiency when it concerns the ordinary essential attributes, and also embarrassingly average performance. However, an 8-series Nokia would certainly escape practically anything.

Nokia Luna Nokia Luna Nokia Luna Nokia Luna
Nokia 8600 Luna

Key features


  • Exquisite display
  • .

  • Excellent response
  • .

  • Solid construction
  • .

  • Exotic materials

Main disadvantages


  • High price
  • .

  • No memory card
  • .

  • Mediocre cam, inadequate video clip recorder
  • .

  • Lack of 3G support
  • .

  • Non-standard port at this point
  • .

The Nokia 8600 Luna is eager to deactivate and also attract. The non-traditional products utilized, the imaginative layout, the instead useful collection of devices are hard sufficient to stand up to. And also, the Luna is so greatly expensive that it’s appealing. This basically summarize what the Nokia 8-series is truly around. Optimum performance has actually never ever been the problem. What matters is exclusivity and also separation from the commonplace. The lavish collection of the Nokia 8800 and also Nokia 8800 Sirocco has actually expanded with the Nokia 8600 Luna increasing the costs section.

A strong handset

Taste is really individual, so allow everybody court layout on their own. The Luna does look unique though. The totally black body with 2 silver lines and also the exceptional slider building make the mobile stick out.

Nokia Luna Nokia Luna
Expensive is a simple guess

Impressive prima facie, the Luna is genuinely frustrating when kept in hand for the very first time. With many modern mobile phones considering much less than 100 g( mobile phones left out), Nokia 8-series newbies will certainly be shocked by the 140 g the Luna considers. Is that excessive? The Luna simply can not aid it, offered the quantity of steel on its body. Weight can transform lots of down, while others might value a strong mobile. The actions of 107 x 45 x 16 mm are completely appropriate, supplied the dimension of the display and also the keypad.

Moving the phone open is smooth and also wonderful. The high quality building and also the products utilized on the casing recommend that mechanical mistakes are really not likely. The moving system functions effortlessly and also ought to continue to be untouched by sturdy use. The mobile really feels strong and also company in both opened up and also shut setting. Moving needs a bit much more initiative contrasted to various other mobile phones of the exact same type variable. Steel makes itself discovered at any time you break the phone shut. The metal-hit-metal audio is an experience nothing else slider can offer.

Nokia Luna Nokia Luna Nokia Luna
The moving system functions perfectly

A chrome line leaves the sides of the black mobile. Within that chrome line on the leading left side is the quantity rocker. Both tricks are really responsive, every press stands out and also comfy. The borderline splitting the mobile right into a shiny front and also chromed steel back is unbroken despite having the phone glided open. The front of the mobile is controlled by the screen and also the smoked glass cover that envelops the alphanumeric keypad and also goes back to cover the cam lens. With the phone shut, the cam lens is protected from the atmosphere. Something to be cautious around is the unmanageable first finger, which has a tendency to be irresistibly attracted by the lens, covering it with oily spots.

Nokia Luna Nokia Luna
Camera lens protected when the phone’s closed

When the Nokia 8600 Luna is shut, the battery area cover is the only point to discover on the backplate. Made from steel also, it fits dead on, no rubbish squeaks. Under it lays the 900mAh battery, sufficient to last a number of days of typical talking and also texting. The grills of the audio speakers get on both sides of the top component of the mobile.

Nokia Luna Nokia Luna Nokia Luna Nokia Luna
An inconspicuous elongate switch launches the battery cover. The stainless-steel cover holds obvious. Conserve perhaps one: the Luna is made in Germany.

Besides the mouth piece near the bottom, and also the wrist strip eyelet on top, there’s just one various other point delegated discuss beside the mobile- the global port. It goes to the lower appropriate side of the mobile and also works as the single cable television link factor. microUSB debuts in a Nokia mobile, yet the miniUSB range might’ve been much more welcome. Right-handers are most likely to be let down, as waiting with the battery charger or information cable television connected in, is relatively uncomfortable. There’s absolutely nothing else to ruin the sophisticated profile of the mobile. Those crazy about taking pictures on the move will certainly need to reach terms with the absence of a committed cam switch and also adjust to utilizing the keypad when capturing..

Nokia Luna Nokia Luna Nokia Luna Nokia Luna
Infrared • microUSB premieres • speakers on both sides

Unparalleled display

The front is all shiny, instead of the refined back side of the phone. It’s a comparison the screen capitalizes on. The Luna certainly has nontransparent glass, covering the keypad. Overall, the whole frontplate might well be a training prop for forensic lovers in a finger print workshop. For perfectionists, Nokia has actually included a cleansing fabric to the retail bundle.

Nokia Luna Nokia Luna
In shut setting the control tricks come just

The screen takes the top fifty percent of the front. This set provides a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, amounting to 16M shades on a 2″ angled. The Luna screen does emphasize when contrasted to, state, the screen in Nokia 6233. Black is genuinely black, font styles look terrific, readability is never ever a problem, also in intense light. The Luna screen is a high flier.

Nokia Luna Nokia Luna
The screen is excellent

The keypad is a typical one. The D-pad is controlled by the chromium confirm-key, at each side are both choice tricks and also the call-key and also end-key. The control tricks are subjected also when the remainder of the keypad is covered by the glass housing. The phone slides open wonderful and also very easy, many thanks to a small handle at the foot of the screen. It measures up to its objective penalty, yet the disadvantage is it does stand in the means of the D-pad’s up-key. All instructions of the scroll secret, and also both choice tricks, can be appointed faster ways to chosen applications or features.

Nokia Luna Nokia Luna Luna_13.jpg
The keypad fits, yet the glass housing makes the lower row of tricks hard to use

All rows of tricks are decreasing on top, petting experiences just with surrounding tricks within the row. Trick signs are white, so is the backlighting. Pity, the keypad backlighting switches off as quickly as the phone is glided shut. It would certainly’ve behaved to have the backlighting on for some time from underneath the glass. You can see that on your own if you selected to switch on an alternative, which obtains the keypad to produce pulsating light at specific periods while the phone remains in standby.

Nokia Luna Nokia Luna Nokia Luna
White backlit keypad beams with from underneath the glass • pulsating light • when the phone slides shut, just the control tricks continue to be brightened for a while

Typing reaction is great, a peaceful click marks each press of the tricks. The glass instance hinders fast inputting, the hash and also asterisk tricks are awkward.

Nokia Luna Nokia Luna
Keypad backlighting is thick and also even

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