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Nokia 7280 is the king amongst all fashionable phones. The little oval black block prompts a mix in between awe as well as inquisitiveness don’t bother the truth that managing its features is puzzling. Its tools does not fall back though either: do not hesitate to appreciate a massive personal digital assistant, 50MB of memory, MP3 ringtones, a video camera, a radio, Bluetooth …

When Nokia 7280 showed up on the initial released images, we can not think our eyes. Is that indicated to be a smart phone? After having actually experienced fashionable animals as Xelibri we ultimately thought. However the abundant tools revealed earlier became rather unusual for layout fanatic phones of the kind have actually not confirmed to be abundant in features.

Nokia 7280 main pictures

Nokia evidently made a decision, nevertheless, to use its clients creativity as well as sophistication incorporated with optimum performance. That is exactly how 3 phenomenal versions: 7260, 7270 as well as 7280 were given birth to. The initial one is a smart phone built in a timeless means, however worn a luxurious layer with highlighted low. It is the least expensive of the team however nonetheless dealing with extremely innovative tools. Mentioning high qualities, the clamshell 7270 has a lot more to display. With it the suppliers have actually attempted experiment much more. The external covers are made from steel in addition safeguarded by natural leather covering. The internal component of the phone has actually additionally been prepared untraditionally – it is black with vibrant lines. The 7280 design is the top of the ice-cream within the pointed out course of phones in the feeling of both features as well as layout.

Key benefits


  • Design .
  • High top quality energetic display screen .
  • More than 50 megabytes of memory, 1000 entrances in the personal digital assistant .
  • Bluetooth .
  • 40-voice as well as MP3/AAC audio of sounding .
  • Embedded VGA electronic camera .
  • Embedded radio .
  • GPRS course 10 as well as side .

Key drawbacks


  • Lengthy technique of personality input .
  • Squeaky building and construction .
  • Small display screen barely noticeable in straight sunshine .


. What is this box?

In regards to layout Nokia 7280 is a phenomenal phone; you would certainly not discover an additional among the kind on the marketplace. Despite where you go, selecting it out will undoubtedly draw in others’ focus. Not just is its overview uncommon, however additionally the total building and construction concept as well as the os affixed to it. .

Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom
You have actually not seen such a phone yet.

While I was examining the phone I revealed it to some good friends. Each of them would certainly begin considering it with rate of interest attempting to presume its features. The majority of them settled on the tool to be a MP3 gamer. After having actually placed the phone right into their hands they would certainly continue being bewildered with complication searching for a noticeable keypad. When falling short to discover one they would gradually begin relocating the scroll switch sidewards as well as the phone would progressively obtain under their skin. Concerning various viewpoints concerning the brand-new Nokia 7280 individuals usually fall under 3 major groups. A few of them curse it, the bulk like it, however just few of them would certainly really feel comfy utilizing it in every-day life. .

Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom
It will certainly represent its proprietor with style .

The type of the phone stays with the square. It is just the dimension that varies from what we are made use of to. It is 115 mm long, 32mm broad as well as 19 mm high. We have actually additionally learnt that the square is somewhat sloped. Nokia’s developers have actually selected black as a primary shade. No choice shades are mosting likely to be provided on the marketplace. The phone’s surface area is shiny which is why undesirable spots as well as prints stay obvious on it. The phone considers some comfy 84 grams. .

Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom
The square exists a bit sideways • this phone’s layout advises you of a delicious chocolate bar • the display screen is concealed behind a mirror surface area .

The overview is lightened up by white lines, which zigzag around the surface area as well as – to claim the reality – they match it effectively. Black as well as white shades in the layout are sustained by shiny devices as well as a mirror of a comparable perception that covers the display screen. Nokia is understood for not hesitating of making use of renegade products in its fashionable phones as well as the 7280 design is not an exemption. On its surface area you will certainly discover plastic components, natural leather items or even more exactly hair – in addition to a little item of textile. The last protrudes out of the actual end of among the phone’s sides as well as advises of a published spot on a Tees. The supplier’s logo design – Nokia is put on this item of textile – much like it collaborates with Tees. .

Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom
White lines zigzag around the telephone’s surface area • natural leather locations • tag as on a Tees .

The large black switch is weeping for a constructional modification. I have actually most likely never ever seen a squeakier smart phone, which places a huge embarassment on Nokia. It squeals whenever touched or relocated as well as while I was “cruelly analyzing” it, I had the sensation I was creating the Rubik’s dice. Mentioning a telephone which sets you back greater than 600 Euro it is an actual embarassment. .

For right-handed only

Looking at phone’s front cover your focus would undoubtedly concentrate on the large mirror put on it. This is absolutely nothing else however the display screen being efficiently concealed. Below you will certainly additionally discover a scroll operating switch bordered by 2 sets of useful switches. The last include slim white increased secrets, which belong to the ornamental lines. Over the display screen you will certainly additionally discover the ear-phone covered by a passed through item of natural leather. .

Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom
Five switches ought to suffice • mirror, mirror, inform me … • natural leather cover of the ear-phone .

It is tough to claim which side of the phone we ought to call as a lower one. The phone is propounded the ear in a common way – in an upright placement with the display screen in the top component. The shown photo is nevertheless straight so that its complete size can be made use of as well as as a result when running it is required to wait in a straight placement also. Regrettably there is no other way of relocating the images upside-down, so left-handed remain in a terrific negative aspect. The operating switches are positioned right from the display screen, so sitting tight in your left hand makes no feeling. .

Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Holding is untypical, however comfy .

Let’s wait in an upright placement as if we intend to make a call. On its left top side you will certainly discover a slim port where a loud audio speaker is positioned. Under the port is the large infrared port home window as well as near the bottom there is a silver cover of the SIM card cabinet. The last has a little hole in among its edges, in which one needs to stick a sharp things in order to open up the cabinet. For this function a tiny steel roller comes confined in the initial packaging. There you will certainly additionally discover an extra cabinet for the initial one is totally extractable as well as might obtain quickly shed. On phone’s best side is the currently pointed out tag with the supplier’s logo design as well as over it the little leather-covered location is positioned. .

Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom
SIM card is concealed in a cabinet • the tool opening up the drawer

Nokia 7280. Click to zoom Nokia 7280. Click to zoom
Loud audio speaker • leather-covered components both on the side of the phone as well as the speaker

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