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After having actually introduced a number of angular clamshell versions made from numerous products Nokia concerns stun us with a quite average-level phone with rounded sides as well as plastic cover plates. Yet, the useful devices of the 6101 design is so abundant (i.e. 2 shade display screens, MP3 buzzing tones, as well as a radio) it is unsubstantiated that such a phone will certainly vanish in the group of mobile phones. .

Nokia’s clamshells have actually constantly been rather unique because of their initial layout principles, whose major toughness is the application of non-traditional products as well as usually sharp sides. The releasing project of every Nokia clamshell design rated as a mixture of fresh air on the history of the gush of silver, rounded clamshell phones provided by Eastern suppliers. On the various other hand, precisely that kind of cellphones is being presently liked by a terrific quantity of mass customers – a lesson Nokia as well as its share owners appear to have actually found out well. Therefore, the Finnish titan has actually developed the brand-new 6101 clamshell, which is nicely rounded, has a small antenna, protruding of the phone’s surface area, however does not have any kind of steel or leather-covered surface areas.

Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom
Official pictures of the brand-new Nokia 6101 

Trick features


  • Elegant, suitable overview .
  • Brilliant keypad .
  • Built-in radio .
  • Two shade display screens, the within which is of outstanding top quality .
  • Effortless interaction with computer, quick information transfers

Main disadvantages


  • External antenna .
  • Low top quality of the MP3 noise .
  • Small memory capability
  • Small memory capability .
  • No Bluetooth

Nokia is understood for its endure experiments in the location of clamshell phones. Allow us state, for instance, the 7200 design with its covers made from towel, the 6170 steel cuboid or the adaptable 2650 design, which did not also have the typical joint framework. Currently, the leading one amongst the phones with a clamshell building is Nokia’s 6260 design furnished with Symbian functional system, a swivel joint as well as steel cover plates. Somewhat much more costly is, nonetheless, the fashionable 7270 design with detachable leather-covered plates as well as amazing useful devices. .

Nokia 7200 Nokia 6170 Nokia 7270 Nokia 2650 Nokia 6260 .

You can visualize just how large our shock was when in February this year we initially saw Nokia
‘s brand-new rounded clamshell phone with plastic covers; it appeared like any kind of various other typical smart phone on the marketplace. Despite if we like it or otherwise, nonetheless, this phone is undoubtedly mosting likely to have also larger market success than its fashionable rivals. .

Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom
Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom
New as well as round, Nokia 6101 .

The unicorn devil

The phone’s surface area
is made from 3 kinds of products- matt silver plastics, shiny black plastics as well as chromium-plated additional information. A lot of the front cover is black as well as is consequently exceptionally vulnerable to dust left by finger prints. On the various other hand, the phone’s layout is jazzed up by components like the square port of the video camera as well as the external screen bordered by a chromium-plated structure. Customarily, the supplier’s logo design is located over the screen. The black location of the front cover is bordered by a chromium-plated structure. It passes the front cover’s leading side as well as proceeds approximately the phone’s top. One more shade variation of the phone with a white rather than a black touch will certainly likewise be offered. . .

Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom
You can examine your finger prints on the phone’s black surface area • the video camera eye • . the chromium-plated structure functions wonders • the front
cover” streams right into” the phone’s top

The margins of the front cover are silver. They remain to the leading component of the gadget, fencing the joint as well as merge the back cover, which is totally executed in silver tone.
The only ginger aspect below is the supplier’s logo design inscribed on black history. A black strip stretches along the center line of the side components. This result is an outcome of the controling black shade, which not just develops the within environment of the gadget, however likewise gets to regarding its side components. .

Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom
Back cover is fairly monotonous … • … besides the little logo design • Phone’s sideway components .

The left side is gingered by a slim chromium-plated dual switch, which controls the quantity; on the phone’s ideal side you will certainly locate a similar switch, which regulates the Press to chat feature, matching at the very same time the dark port of the infrared port. There is no switch-off switch- similar to in the 6170 as well as 7270 versions- which suggests that there is virtually no opportunity to quickly change accounts when the phone is shut. The Pop-Port system adapter, which enhances the battery charger adapter, is installed under side of the gadget. The battery charger adapter is smaller sized than the adapters of the contemporary Nokia versions. Entirely brand-new is likewise the battery charger of Nokia 6101. .

Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom
The rocker-type switch for quantity control • the PTT as well as the infrared port switch • .
connectors in the phone’s lower component • the brand-new battery charger is furnished with a smaller sized adapter

On the top you will certainly locate the inconspicuous plate grid of the loud audio speaker as well as- certainly- the writing out antenna, which is truly difficult to miss out on. I question what made Nokia leave
the antenna bulge of the phone’s shapes, because in its 2650 design it confirmed that getting rid of such an information is a child-play.
The exterior antenna is not trendy any longer nowadays. .

Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom
Fortunately the inhuman corn is not all also large .

A solitary shake shuts the phone

Those customers, that like bring their phone held on a strip, might have obtained frightened they would certainly not have the ability to attach one to Nokia 6101. No concerns, the phone is furnished with a strip that is concealed behind its back cover .
To take the strip out, very first intertwine it with the port alongside the adapter.
The back cover likewise conceals a lithium-ion collector of a 760 mAh capability, which is expected to assure the gadget 240 mins of telephone call period as well as 350 hrs of a stand-by time. .

Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom
Phone’s back cover as well as what is concealed under it .

Not just does the layout make this phone appearance really strong. The building of the gadget is of top quality, too, so do not shed your time awaiting ancient noises. Yet, I have particular bookings worrying the catch of the swivel part of the gadget. Despite the fact that it is strong sufficient when the phone is shut as well as requires no aid to base its last place from an angle as large as 60 °, its securing incorporate a shut placement is fairly weak, that makes the building of the phone act rather unsteady. In the procedure of on a daily basis usage, nonetheless, this information does not obstruct in all. However, it offers you the benefit of shutting the phone by a solitary shake of your hand. .

Video: shutting the phone by a solitary shake (AVI, 2,1 MEGABYTES) .

As for its dimension, Nokia 6101 arrays someplace in the mean: it is challenging to loosened, however will certainly not hinder your activities either. Below are the numerical information: 85 × 45 × 24 mm. The weight of 97 g is a bit larger contrasted to the competitors of Eastern beginning. You might require some training prior to you grasp the one-hand opening action, however the highlighted groove established along the separating line of both sections of the phone promotes this activity substantially. .

Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom Nokia 6101. Click to zoom
Thanks to its dimension the phone matches the group of the mean-size mobiles … • … as well as right into one’s hand

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