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Nokia has actually prepared a brand-new clamshell for the followers of the fashionable phones. The phone includes a TFT screen as well as an extremely comfy keypad. It plays MP3 documents too. Yet, the variety of minuses is rather high: Nokia 6060 does not have an exterior screen, its antenna stands out as well as the polyphonic noise is low-grade. There is nonetheless something that this phone does not absence without a doubt – it essentially shows personal appeal.

Secret characteristics


  • Elegant layout .
  • Large useful secrets .
  • Comfortable keypad .
  • TFT screen .
  • MP3 ringtones

Main disadvantages


  • No external screen .
  • External antenna .
  • GPRS Course 6 just .
  • Limited interaction alternatives .
  • Low-quality polyphonic ringing

In June this year Nokia released four new GSM mobile phones at when. Amongst them was the clamshell we exist you today, Nokia 6060. It is made to fulfill the need of all individuals, that wish for design as well as great performance. The phone does not have a cam. Yet, I have no worry that it will certainly endure absence of focus. .

Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060
Official pictures of Nokia 6060

Small, yet with outside antenna

Nokia 6060 has a body of 85 × 44 × 24 mm. The estimated elevation does not consist of the antenna, which is 1.5 centimeters long. On one hand, mobiles with antennas appear to be loosing appeal nowadays. On the various other hand, there is a specific team of clients, that are seeking precisely this sort of phones. .

Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060
Live images of Nokia 6060  . .

Whatsoever, we made a decision to categorize the visibility of an exterior antenna as a
minus for Nokia 6060, generally due to the fact that in today’s mobile globe it disappears an issue for an integrated antenna to accomplish a premium signal function. The among Nokia 6060 appears rather very easy to damage as well as what’s even more, it produces strange lumps. The phone considers 93 grams. Although we can easily discover also lighter clamshells on the marketplace, this Nokia design still comes from the team of the little as well as light ones. .

Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060
Nokia 6060 open .
. .

The phone has actually existed in 2 shade variations. Both are noted by a strong chromium-covered structure, yet vary in the layout of the covers. The latter can be either black or silver. I confess that the silver variation matches much better with my gusto, most importantly due to the fact that the black plastic product utilized in the various other is shiny as well as mirrors every finger print. And also the truth that the bordering chromium structure does not look that affordable when positioned alongside the silver cover. .

Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060
Nokia 6060 in a hand • contrasting phone’s dimension with a charge card

Red alert

Let’s pay a little a lot more focus to expectation of the phone .
One of the most eye-catching aspect on its front top component is the slim red strip of the condition LED. The diode discharges white light. What includes the magenta color is the small red plate positioned under the little glass cover. The LED is extremely solid. It can be seen also at daytime. Great information is that there is no requirement to transform Nokia 6060 deal with down during the night, as it occurs with some mobiles with the so called” nightclub lights”. .

Nokia 6060
There is a condition baited the front top component of the phone … . . .

The pity right here is that the LED is not furnished with various shade for inbound message or missed out on phone call signals. It simply continues blinking in silence in one as well as similarly ,
regardless of what is available in. When the phone rings, it blinks two times and after that takes a lengthy break prior to it duplicates the alert. Well chums, there is no question that you will certainly obtain utilized to Nokia’s useful system. We have seen smarter phones however, have not we? .

Nokia 6060
… it blinks in red . .

The sides of the phone are flawlessly empty. There is no bumpy aspect, no control secret, no quantity switch … The lower component is the only exemption, being furnished with 2 adapters- the battery charger as well as the handsfree collection ones. In between the adapters is the Plug-and-play port, which Nokia initially advertised as a brand-new different user interface to co-exist with Pop-Port. At the very same time, by this actual minute Nokia has actually not made a cable television to offer Plug-and-Play. Or this port has been clarified for solution objective just? Why has it been offered such a” multimedia “name after that? .

Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060
Nokia 6060 from all sides . . .

The loud audio speaker is ingrained rather much deeper on the contrary side of the body, ideal alongside the antenna. The audio speaker is protected by a great grid.
When you change to the integrated handsfree while in the center of a
call, the audio efficiency is not just silent, yet is likewise gone along with by an undesirable hissing sound, if established a little bit louder. .

Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060
Outer antenna as well as loud audio speaker’s grid . . .

Breathing quietly behind the back cover is the Li-Ion collector, with an ability of 760 mAh as well as an optimum stand-by of 400 hrs or 210 mins of talk time
. Regrettably, I have actually not had the moment to examine the phone completely in order to validate if
those numbers hold true or incorrect. I think, nonetheless, that the sensible times are about half the ones formally released. .

Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060
Removing the back cover • battery • SIM card port • SIM card mechanism . .

Open once again as well as again

Once the resistance of the attaching springtime has actually been damaged down, the screen brighten, the 2nd component of its system obtains triggered as well as chooses off the top
wing of the covering upwards. So that the closing back-move is risk-free, there are 2 rubber springtime bumpers at the
edges of the phone, simply listed below the keypad. .

Nokia 6060
There are 2 small rubber springtime bumpers under the keypad . . .

As for the secrets- they are admirable. Although they are just hardly extended, they fit as well as good. They are constructed from difficult plastic. They all are easy-to-press as well as respond appropriately without exemption. Nokia 6060 has actually evidently emulated the 6030 model it has actually replicated its big control secrets, whose primary feature is the incredibly reduced uplift. Therefore, collaborate with this phone is a pure satisfaction. .

Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060
Main control switches are truly huge as well as comfy • switches stand apart just as high as it is necessary . .

The whole inside component of the phone is made in black. It looks truly great. The surface area is matt, so finger prints are not noticeable. The total impact is just interrupted by the primary four-way control secret with its validating center component. .

Keypad’s backlighting is blue-white as well as is solid sufficient where it is most required: listed below number as well as letter secrets. Every 3 flat situated secrets are light-framed. A little bit much less light strength has actually been provided on the call-control secrets, the context secrets as well as the primary control switch. .

Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060
Keypad at night
. .

The screen in Nokia 6060 is 35 mm high as well as 28 mm vast. It has actually been made with the aid of TFT energetic modern technology as well as has the ability to reveal 65K shades. In regards to image top quality it strikes the present center course. 128 × 160 pixels on such a large surface area is very little, yet suffices. The screen is specifically easy-to-read in straight sunlight light.

Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060
Display at daytime • as well as in the dark . .

The absence of outside screen is rather considerable negative aspect. You will certainly require to open up the phone practically regularly -an activity that might look to be specifically undesirable, if finished with one hand. If you do closed it, you will certainly not have the ability to see that has actually called you, neither will certainly you rapidly checked out a recently obtained message.
At the very same time, the marketplace is raging with rivals with 2 display screens, done in the very same rate classification. .

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